LIVE Electro Swing Band @ the Railyard! - Dress in your best Swing Era outfits and experience the hottest SWING Music!

The Lil’Mishka Electro Swing Band is a 21st century Canadian anomaly. It is an eccentric mix of different styles ranging from Swing, Jazz, Electro, and even Hip Hop for good measure. The band has been working hard at performing shows with the phenomenally talented Katherine Grefner (main vocals), the snazzy flair of Mike WT Allen (lead saxophone), bumpin electronic beats of dj elixir (dj) and the caffeine fueled keys and effects of Edward Ward (keys, producer)

Join us Live at the Railyard on Saturday December 14th!

We are at it again! Friday February 8th at the Railyard!
8pm > 1am


Introducing the Railyard Trax Series
Showcasing the very best in live electronic music created by our #SeaWestDJs

Thom Thumb, dj elixir and Jason Brauer plus more to be announced! will be mixing a stew of Techno / House / Progressive and Drum N'Bass. Experimenting with loops and live electronic instruments to take the groove even further.

The Goal of these nights is to combine live electronic elements alongside live musicians to create a seamless auditory landscape. To help our artists achieve that we have an impressive list of our gear below. Come hear this experiment in sound.

2 Technic 1200's
Djm900 Nexus. (mixer)
Djs-1000 sampler/sequencer
Xdj-1000 media players
TR - 03 and TR - 09
Future Retro 777
Mini Moog
Korg Tritan
Bass Guitar


Thom Thumb
- Vancouver

ThomThumb has been well connected with the Vancouver Rave scene since the mid 90's as well as very musically inclined from the age of 4. Utilizing such instruments as piano, guitar, sax and drums, he started writing and composing music at the age of 7.

His affinity for electronic music and love for the scene really started to come through when he first hit the decks in 2000.

A few years ago after a long break, he reconnected with the lead organizers for the Festivus Music Festival which rekindled his love affair with house music and he has been going hard, and non stop since then.

2018 has been his best year yet, playing festivals all over the BC area. He remains an active player with many local all stars in the Vancouver House Music scene.

Thumb also enjoys keeping his involvement with places like The Anza Club and Beatginnings and has been playing a once a month residency at “Are you MIA’s” Deep Down Inside. Most recently bringing back the infamous “Farm” parties from the 90’s Vancouver Rave Scene and breathing new life into and old favourite in a reincarnation that has been dubbed Merry Masquerade Music Festival.

dj elixir
– Mission

Winner of the FVMA (Fraser Valley Music Awards ) in Best Elecronic for 2018!
Our Railyard resident DJ. He likes many genres, Electro-Swing, Funky Tech-House, Breakbeats. Originally from Toronto he has played many large indoor and outdoor events – (Dustcovery, Sin City, Recharge, Rave Aid) - LIVE Fridays

DJ Jason Brauer
GoodMusicLessHassle / Technetium

Jason Brauer lives for making people dance, and telling a story through his music. From house to techno and everything in between, mixing them together in a different way, and pushing the boundaries of each genre. He’s played Burning Man many times,
the Vancouver club circuit, and numerous raves and parties locally and around the world. From the days of searching for the elusive 12” mix on vinyl, to layering a 4 hour techno set in Traktor , djing will always be an important part of his life. Inspired by the progressive house sounds of Sasha and John Digweed, he quickly found his music niche. To Jason, good music is good music, and enjoys playing it for anyone who will listen.


Newton L. Enoch
Bass guitar |

Other Side of the Trax is at it again!!! On Friday, Nov 30th move your body to the beats of Rick Curiston​(PausePlay), dj elixir​, Dj Rich Haughton​ and Jason Brauer​ as they join forces spinning from 7pm on the outside patio with a VIDEO WALL. After 9pm we turn the video wall into an arcade with massive projection video games!!!!

Then moving inside with mind-blowing projected video by Creative Nai8tive-VDJ​ till late!

The 4 dj/producers will be showcasing their new tunes along with working live loops into electric mayhem with the addition of Newton L. Enoch​ live on the bass guitar.

Come Aboard our crazy train of groove at the
Other Side of the Tracks The Railyard​ .

There will be a The Copper Market​ on the street!

Our neighbors are having a night market of sorts that runs during the beginning of the night! be sure to check it out then come on in for the dancing after!!!

There will be a FOOD TRUCK OUT FRONT!!!!

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