Mars Rover - ft - Perseverance

Posted on -April 23, 2021

THANK YOU NASA!.. for sending back some sick sounds to bend in with some beats. so yeah I did a thing.. NO I did not film this on location.. I used stock video bits.. BUT the Sound used is actually from the rover using the first ever microphone used on MARS.. so yeah.. cool 🙂

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Mars Rover - FT - Perseverance JUST RELEASED!!! and available in stores now!

Featuring the sound of Perseverance as it drives over the Martian surface. I was very excited to be able to work with sound recorded from Mars!. Thank you Nasa for beaming these sounds back! All footage in this video is bits and pieces of stock footage. NO I did not make it to Mars myself to take the shots BUT! the sound is 100% genuine!

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